Lincang Gengma Yilan Agricultural (supplier of BE&CHEERY) CNC automation preliminary processing, deep processing, deep and intensive nut processing



Detailed description

Processing process:
Preliminary processing: picking and pouring of green fruits into the material tank, grading of green fruits, peeling of green fruits, screening and cleaning of shell fruits, flotation of shell fruits, drainage and air drying, manual sorting, heat pump drying, grading of 1000 fruits, temporary storage of 1000 fruits, electronic packaging
Deep processing: Dried fruit opening, dust screening, blanching, flavoring, drying, manual sorting, shortwave sterilization, and electronic packaging
Deep processing of fruit kernels: dry fruit picking, vibration screening, color selection, manual sorting, grading, manual sorting, bubble cleaning machine, spray cleaning, drainage and air drying, high-temperature heat pump drying, electronic packaging

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