A Brief Discussion on the Processing Process and Automated Production Line Processing Equipment of Magnolia Fruit and Macadamia Nut


Magnolia, also known as macadamia nuts, is produced in the subtropical rainforests of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. There are 10 species of Magnolia macadamia nuts identified, of which only two can bear fruit. The commonly cultivated species are fully leaved macadamia nuts, also known as bare shell macadamia nuts. Magnolia nuts have high nutritional and health value, and the international market has always been optimistic.
After the harvest of macadamia nuts, the quality control of each processing step, especially the drying process, must be carried out in a timely manner. The quality of the nuts and the storage of the nuts are greatly affected by the quality control of each processing step. The Yunnan Tropical Crop Science Research Institute has conducted in-depth research on the processing process of macadamia nuts, and the following process is commonly used: collecting mature macadamia nuts with pods in the field, immediately peeling, grading, and peeling the green fruits Shell cleaning, shell flotation, drainage and air drying, intelligent color selection, sorting, drying, grading, and packaging. Silo drying, storage, nut grading, shelling, flotation (primary kernel), centrifugal dehydration, kernel drying, kernel grading, kernel roasting, inspection of rotten fruits, fruit coloring, sterilization, vacuum argon filling packaging.
Magnolia macadamia nuts are generally processed using mechanical automation. After picking the green fruits, a Magnolia macadamia nut peeling machine is used for peeling treatment. The peeling speed is fast and the yield is high, and can be customized according to different user needs. After peeling, green peel fruits need to be dried as soon as possible, and macadamia nuts are generally dried using industrial air drying machines. The cutting machine for summer magnolia macadamia nuts is a mechanical equipment used for sawing and slitting processing of summer magnolia macadamia nuts. After the opening and cutting, the nuts can be cleaned and deeply processed into various flavors such as milk flavored, salt baked, spiced, pepper and salt, and herbal flavored nuts. The Shawei Yiguo Macadamia Nut Shelling Machine is a machine and equipment used for the processing of Shawei Yiguo Macadamia Nut shelling, shelling, and kernel extraction. This machine adopts advanced processing technology principles, with good shelling effect and high kernel integrity after shelling. It is a professional automated shelling, shelling, and kernel extraction machine for the production line of Shawei Yiguo Macadamia Nut processing industry.