Xiawei Yiguo Welcome to Market, Modern Processing Equipment Empowers Development


In recent years, with the improvement of daily water quality, people's demand for high nutrition and high-quality food has gradually increased. Some healthy and widely used nut products have gradually become new consumer favorites. When it comes to nuts, one cannot help but mention the summer magnolia fruit, known as the "king of dried fruits".
As November approaches, the summer magnolia fruit picking work is nearing its end, and Hawaiian dried fruits are gradually on the market. A new round of taste buds experience has arrived. With the assistance of modern processing equipment such as peeling machines, drying machines, and opening machines, the summer magnolia fruit has achieved a magnificent turn.
Hawaiian fruit is rich in unsaturated fat acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and eight essential amino acids for human body, with high nutritional value and medicinal value. The summer magnolia fruit is native to Australia, but due to factors such as planting conditions and processing difficulties, it has long been only grown in places such as Australia. Therefore, the import price of Hawaiian dried fruits is very high.
Nowadays, China has achieved large-scale cultivation of summer magnolia fruit, which is cultivated in Guangxi, Guangdong, Taiwan, and other places in China. Hawaiian fruit has become a "wealth fruit" in these places. Among them, Yunnan is the main production area of summer magnolia fruit in China. As of 2020, the planting area of summer magnolia fruit reached 3.53 million acres.
Although the summer magnolia fruit is delicious, its processing is very difficult. The newly harvested summer magnolia fruit has a layer of green peel, which has a high moisture content and is prone to decay, thereby damaging the internal kernels. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the peel as soon as possible. With the use of peeling machines and other processing equipment, the peeling of summer magnolia fruits has gradually abandoned manual peeling, greatly improving production efficiency.
The outer skin of the summer magnolia fruit is not the most difficult to process, and the inner shell is extremely hard, making it almost impossible to open it with bare hands. The difficulty of opening the inner skin of the summer magnolia fruit is also an important factor restricting the further development and growth of the industry. Due to a lack of processing equipment, most of the Hawaiian fruit peel processing in Guangxi and other regions is done by hand, which not only has low processing efficiency but also high labor and time costs.
It is understood that in recent years, Guangxi has actively promoted industry university research cooperation, not only achieving technological breakthroughs in the cultivation of summer magnolia fruit, but also developing multiple processing equipment to help extend the industry chain of summer magnolia fruit. Among them, Guangxi has developed equipment such as sorting machines, peeling machines, and opening machines in response to the development situation of the local processing industry of summer magnolia fruit, to help break free from the development status of difficult peeling and expensive opening of summer magnolia fruit.
Similarly, with policy support, Yangchun City in Guangdong Province has purchased processing equipment, built processing factories, and is committed to the research and development of new processes for summer magnolia fruit, helping to improve industry quality and efficiency. In addition, the local government is also developing deeply processed products such as summer magnolia fruit drinks, jam, and fruit oil.
As the "king of dried fruits", the development prospects of summer magnolia are very broad. With the increase in the utilization and popularization of modern processing equipment, the summer magnolia industry in Guangxi, Guangdong, and other places is gradually achieving high-quality development.