The preliminary processing and deep processing process of macadamia nuts and related automated mechanical equipment production line of summer magnolia fruit


Magnolia, also known as macadamia nuts, has the highest economic value and is known as the "king of dried fruits". Distribution area: Eastern Australia, New Caledonia, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. In addition, magnolia and macadamia nuts also have high nutritional and medicinal value.
The fruit is rich in nutrients, with an oil content of 70%~79%. Especially, it is rich in unsaturated fat acids, mainly oleic acid and palmitic acid. The ratio of unsaturated fat fatty acid to saturated fatty acid in the kernel of macadamia nuts of the smooth shelled species is 6.2, and that of the coarse shelled species is 4.8; Protein is 9%, and it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2, and 8 essential amino acids for the human body.
Xiawei Yiguo nuts are fragrant, crispy, tender, and delicious, with a unique creamy aroma. It is one of the best quality edible nuts in the world, known as the "Queen of Dried Fruits" and the "King of Nuts in the World". Its flavor and taste are far better than cashew nuts.
With the increase in planting area and production of macadamia nuts in China, the processing industry of macadamia nuts has become increasingly important. However, currently, the development of macadamia nut processing is far from enough, and most products are still in the primary processing state with low added value. The use of high-tech for the deep processing of summer magnolia macadamia nuts can bring greater benefits to humanity by utilizing the resources of summer magnolia macadamia nuts. In recent years, the deep processed products of magnolia fruit and macadamia nuts on the domestic market mainly include hand peeled and open mouthed magnolia fruit and macadamia nuts, salt baked magnolia fruit and macadamia nuts, cream flavored magnolia fruit, etc.
The freshly picked green mango macadamia nuts are sent to a processing plant for initial product processing. The green mango fruits undergo screening, selection, grading, and impurity removal processes before entering the mango macadamia nut peeling machine for peeling. After peeling, the mango macadamia nuts are washed and flotation processes before entering the drying machine for drying. The dried mango nuts are then transported to the warehouse for storage for further processing.
After peeling, the macadamia nut of the summer magnolia fruit is opened and cut. The opening machine saws a gap in the macadamia nut of the summer magnolia fruit and transmits it to a baking machine for baking through a conveyor belt. The baking temperature and time are set according to specific production processes, in order to produce a fragrant hand peeled summer magnolia fruit.
Use a specific shelling and kerneling machine to remove the shell and kernels of summer magnolia macadamia nuts. After removing the shell and kernels, the summer magnolia macadamia nuts can be made into various flavors according to the user's taste, such as original flavor, salt baked flavor, cream flavor, etc.
The preliminary processing equipment, deep processing equipment, and automated production line of summer magnolia and macadamia nuts are made using advanced technology and technology. It can perform peeling and peeling processing of green summer magnolia and macadamia nuts, cutting and sawing processing, peeling and kernel processing, cleaning and drying processing, screening and grading processing, and flavoring and flavoring processing. It is a complete set of automated production line processing equipment.