The Nutritional Value of Magnolia grandiflora Fruit


Hawaiian nuts are considered one of the most delicious nuts in the world. The nutritional value of summer magnolia fruit is extremely high. It contains a large amount of unsaturated esters required for the development of the human brain, more than a dozen amino acids required by the human body, and many high-quality proteins. Eating more magnolia fruit can help supplement nutrition and beautify the skin.
Xiawei Yiguo is a natural salad oil with extremely rich nutritional components. It not only has an oil content of 60% -80%, but also is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B1, B2, and amino acids. Upon closer examination, the nutritional value of summer magnolia fruit includes the following aspects:
1. The nutritional ingredients contained in the summer magnolia fruit enable it to reduce stomach acid and prevent gastritis.
2. The oil of Amomum villosum is rich in monounsaturated fatty acid, which can regulate and control the blood sugar level and improve the lipid metabolism of diabetes patients.
3. Summer magnolia fruit oil contains vitamin E, and long-term consumption of summer magnolia fruit oil can prevent rheumatoid arthritis.
4. The carotenoids and chlorophyll contained in Hawaii give it a unique golden and green color. The chlorophyll in the summer magnolia fruit has metabolic effects, promoting cell growth, accelerating wound healing, and helping to nourish and beautify the skin, reducing the generation of wrinkles.
5. Hawaii can prevent colon cancer, and after reacting with stomach acid, hawthorn fruit oil can prevent attacks from colon and rectal cancer.
6. There are a lot of unsaturated fat acids, high-quality proteins and more than ten important amino acids in the fruit of Amomum villosum, which are the main components of brain nerve cells. Summer magnolia fruit is very beneficial for improving brain nutrition, especially suitable for pregnant women and children.
We all know that there are many effects of summer magnolia fruit, but as a nut, how to eat summer magnolia fruit is also a problem! Let the editor tell you how to eat the summer magnolia fruit!
First, let's take a look at the opening method of summer magnolia:
1. Generally, when buying summer magnolia fruits, a fruit opener is provided. Insert the head of the opener into the opening of the fruit, rotate it vigorously, and the fruit will crack! Kind reminder, your hands and magnolia fruits should be dry, otherwise it's easy to scratch them off.
2. What if there is no fruit opener? Use a small hammer! Although troublesome, it is also useful.

3. What if I pry off a quarter of the shell and the flesh still doesn't come out? Easy! Just use a toothpick to separate the pulp.
Mom's reminder: If you can't pry it open, don't drop it like a walnut. Magnolia is not so easy to break. Just continue using the fruit opener and apply more force!
Let's take a look at the precautions for consuming summer magnolia:
1. Summer magnolia fruit is a high fat, high cholesterol food that is not suitable for digestion and can easily gain weight after eating too much, so remember not to eat too much.
2. The summer magnolia fruit is prone to oxidation and is generally not consumed for cooking.
3. Eating too much summer magnolia fruit can ignite. Just eat in moderation, don't eat too much at once. Although summer magnolia fruit can supplement calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins, and other nutrients in a relatively rich content, there should also be a restriction on eating it, especially for pregnant mothers.