Why do the summer magnolia fruits we often eat have a milky aroma? Many people don't know the reason


Dried fruits are a favorite snack for many people. They not only have rich nutritional value but also have a certain sense of fullness, and can be eaten by little fairies during weight loss.
Eating nuts every day has preventive and therapeutic effects on heart disease, cancer, and vascular diseases, as well as improving eyesight and brain health.
The summer magnolia fruit in nuts can be called the star of the nut family and is deeply loved by everyone. But have you noticed that the summer magnolia fruits we buy all have a strong milk aroma?
Many people will definitely say, of course, it is artificially processed!
No, no, no, the editor told you, it's not that simple. If it's all processed manually, why not process it into other flavors? Why are so many nut processing factories only processing it into milk flavor?
In fact, the magnolia fruit we eat, also known as macadamia nut, is a tree nut native to Australia. It is known as the "Queen of Dried Fruits" and the "King of Nuts in the World", with a much better flavor and taste than cashew nuts. And more importantly, macadamia nut kernels are crispy, smooth, and delicious, with a unique creamy aroma.
It is precisely because it comes with a light milk aroma that most processing manufacturers choose to enhance this milk aroma. This can not only retain the flavor of the summer magnolia fruit itself, but also make it more delicious and taste better.
In fact, summer magnolia fruit is not entirely milk flavored. The macadamia nuts sold on the market generally have: original flavor, salt baked flavor, and cream flavor.
Original flavor: There is a fishy and oily taste at the beginning, very light, and the taste is crispy, very fragrant, which is more in line with the taste of southerners. It is light and crispy.
Salt Baked Flavor: After seasoning, the taste of the fruit kernels is better, more crispy, with a light salty taste that is more in line with the taste of northerners, with a salty aroma.
Cream flavor: A refreshing and creamy taste, with a smooth and lingering aftertaste.
Compared to others, the milk flavored summer magnolia fruit is more popular.
Choosing summer magnolia fruit not only requires choosing the flavor, but also its appearance, color, and drying process, which are sometimes important factors affecting its taste. Especially for drying, professional dryers can repeatedly circulate and warm the hot air inside the drying box, expelling water from the fruit, achieving continuous drying of the fruit and ensuring the taste of the dried fruit.